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Why Choose the Simply Yoga 
Retreat in Bali

Why Yoga – What’s all the hype?

The benefits of yoga run high and wide. From instant gratification to longer lasting, deeper transformation. At The Pineapple House yoga retreat in Bali we don't just practice and teach yoga.


We believe with our heart that yoga can change lives.

When it comes to the physical benefits, yoga can change your physical capacity quickly. If you care about your well-being yoga will help you improve it. Your flexibility will increase. You will notice muscle tone improvements. Bone health will also improve and blood pressure will decrease. You will be more fit and calmer.

Check out our list below for a few other ways in which yoga can help you and your body!

  • Improves posture

  • Protects and helps to lubricate the spine

  • Prevents cartilage and joint breakdown

  • Increases blood flow

  • Drains your lymphs and boosts immunity

  • Helps regulate adrenal glands and hormone production

  • Supports the immune system

  • Improves lung function

So who wouldn’t want at least some of those benefits?


But the physical benefits are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to your yoga practice. In the Pineapple House Bali yoga retreat we believe we can offer more. 

Do you a question about yoga? Do you want to know more?

So why the yoga and surf package combo?

From a physical perspective yoga creates more flexibility in the areas where surfers need this most.
Through the spine, the hips and the shoulders. Yoga also focuses a lot on balancing poses.
This is vital to our surfing and there is also a strengthening aspect to our yoga practice. 

Do you want to learn more about our Simply yoga retreat in Bali? Do you have questions about yoga? Send us an email!No registration, no spam!

Both yoga and surfing encourage a deep sense of being present.

An awareness that we cannot resist and fight the way of nature. In yoga there is a big focus on the breath and how we breathe. Which relates strongly to the use of breath whilst surfing. Practice yoga and surf in the Pineapple House in Bali. You will see and feel how both disciplines increase and improve thyself exponentially!

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