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Why Choose Surf and Yoga at
The Pineapple House, Bali?



We believe in simplicity, in wholesome living, in balance
We are surfers & yogis who are inspired to live by these principles.

The Pineapple House was born from this passion. We are not a full service yoga retreat or a cheap surf camp. We are quite small and personal but perfectly formed. Do as much as you want or nothing at all, at the Pineapple House we can ensure you will find your perfect combination.

Where Yoga, Surf, Wellness and BALI Connect

The Pineapple House in Canggu, Bali was created as an amalgamation of our teams knowledge, extensive experience running yoga and surf retreats worldwide, and pure & simply for the love of Bali! Our local knowledge and appreciation of the area is second to none, ensuring your stay at the Pineapple House is an unforgettable one. 

Our Roots, Tropical Spirit, Local Soul

With its proximity to great surf, the world class yoga on our doorstep & the creative vibe, Canggu is the place to feel inspired. With uber cool hang outs, a pumping surf and yoga scene, a heavy focus on wellbeing and healthy living we couldn't think of a place we would rather be!


Be inspired by new cultures, reinvigorate yourself with endless activities, nourish yourself with healthy cuisine and hang out with like minded people. Stay connected with family, friends and loved ones with our free, fast WiFi.

Create Your Own Adventure

From the best wave on the current tide in Bali's beach to the number one spot to take in a dramatic sunset, from hidden temples to stunning rice fields; at the Pineapple House retreat we can guarantee that  you will get the inside story and recommendations that don't appear in any guide book.

So start your day with surfing or yoga, or both.. then sight see, work on that project, that book, that creative idea, engage in stimulating conversation, or simply lie by the pool. If you are not convince that surf is for you, we also offer yoga retreats and bespoke retreats based entirely on your desires, just let us know!


Although we are obsessed with surfing and yoga it is the connections with our guests that really inspires us to do what we do. Each new day brings a different conversation and a new way to perceive and connect with the world!


If you want to remove yourself from your daily routine, kick start into a healthier and more inspirited lifestyle, feel motivated or simply daydream, join us at the Pineapple House retreat. Where Yoga, Surf, Wellness and Bali meet and connect.

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