Hi there!


You're probably can't come on a retreat right now, what with the world being on lock down 'n' all...


However, we've come up with a way to support you to you support your future self!

Here's how it works;

We recently increased our prices here at The Pineapple House for the first time in 5 years. Over the last 5 years we've added more value and deeper experiences to our retreats and we knew we needed our prices to reflect what we offer.  We've also refined each retreat experience as an extra gift from us to you.

But in times like these we know it's difficult to know when you can commit to a retreat, and many people are facing financial uncertainty​​ as well. 

Here's our offer;

Commit to a $150 USD deposit for any future retreat​​​​ at The Pineapple House Bali to secure the original price of the retreat. 

​​You don't have to commit to any date, or even choose your retreat right now.  You can just sit back and relax, knowing that when the time is right for you to travel again, you can choose between any of our Surf & Yoga, Yoga & Wellness and Simply Yoga retreats here in Bali, all at their original prices.   

​​All you have to do is ensure that you book your retreat at some point before the end of 2021! 

Click on this link to pay just $150 and save $$$ for your future retreat.

P.s want to compare our original retreat price and our new pricing? Click on this link to see how much you'll be saving...  Remember you don'y have to choose a retreat right now. You can just know that you've saved money for your future adventure. 

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Surf & Yoga

Our Surf & Yoga retreats are perfect
for beginners wanting to learn in a supportive environment to experienced surfers who simply want to be guided

to the best breaks around, teamed up with world class yoga.




Surf, Yoga & Sound Healing in Portugal

This retreat has been postponed to June 2021. 


Join us in Portugal for our first European Retreat!




Yoga & Wellness

Our Yoga & Wellness program is for those wanting a more in depth experience of yoga, wellness and culture. This retreat will nourish your mind, body and soul.




Simply Yoga

Our Simply Yoga retreats are perfect for total beginners who want to explore yoga in a safe and non judgemental space & for experienced yogi's wanting to deepen their practice.