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The Alchemy of Bali

Updated: Aug 13, 2018

Quietly and patiently waiting just below the shiny veneer and mesmerising beauty of Bali, an even greater offering lays hidden. This sacred land known as the island of the Gods was not bestowed its honorific name by chance. The energetic influence this island has is not comparative to it’s size and nor should it be so easily dismissed.

One of the most influential aspects, though not often commonly associated with Bali’s transformational qualities, is the famed volcano Mt Agung. It made world headlines last year when it came back to life, smoking and rumbling its presence, reminding many of its undeniable power and the effects it has on all those within its vicinity. Whilst most saw the situation as far from ideal, leaving both tourists and locals in a place of uncertainty, it also allowed many to experience something far greater.

There is something in the air…

Those who live here in Bali often comment that if you are not in alignment with Her she will, unceremoniously, throw you out. But if we look at the underlying roots connected to the environment here, then it is easy to see how they overlap in within our reality.

Within our busy day to day lives, one of the precious commodities we feel we do not have enough of is time. How often have you heard someone say ‘I would love to but….’ One of the things we don’t give ourselves is time as our fast paced life and society keeps us running in the hamster wheel as we try and keep up with the momentum being dictated to us from the outside. Which, in turn, further perpetuates our stress and anxiety levels. It is almost an act of rebellion to stop and take a moment to catch ones breath. Going on ‘holidays’ though gives us the opportunity to create some much needed space in our lives to review and integrate that which we might have put off to ‘later’.

When travelling to Bali though, there is an additional gift. As Bali has four volcanos, one of them which is now active, meaning that the environment is naturally geared toward raising up that which has been suppressed. As the movement of energy here is continuously fluctuating, when a person brings themselves into alignment and begins to be still they naturally connect with the environment around them ensuring that which has been hidden becomes known.

The fire of transformation.

Of course when this transformation begins it starts off very quietly and unassumingly. There is a tug or a nudge or a pull towards some niggly thread leading back to something that is uncomfortable or unresolved. When one begins to pull, things begins to unravel yet also, become clearer. One sees in a way that has not been available or accessible before. More and more comes to light and that which has been repressed and held down (as there was never the time or place or space to deal with it), finally has a chance to break the surface and exit at its own free will.

This is not limited to a once off process, the more one commits themselves to sitting in the discomfort, witnessing it and allowing it to be as it is, the more begins to rise up. Every successive encounter being a little bit more challenging but equally offering a little bit more growth as a result. When one courageously confronts their limitations and fears, it creates a sense of freedom as an inner expansiveness becomes available. Every time, Bali’s natural surroundings further aid the individual in the process of lightening the burdens they carry within.

Fanning the flames. Running alongside the firey vibration emitted from Mt Agung, is the energy of devotion. With so many festivals, celebrations and daily offerings, Bali is literally permeated with the sacred blessings of the divine. Such honorary worship culminates in infusing the very air one breathes, turning each and every inhale and exhale into our own sacred ritual.

As humble gratitude has been offered up outside of us by countless individuals doing their daily puja at their own homes, temples, shrines and workplaces, the effect is that ALL are unconsciously included and drawn into their worship simply by act of being here. Occasionally

one is able to witness this process and can physically feel the surge of energy rising within in the form of heat. This seemingly insignificant flux is the very flames that combusts ones form, disintegrating habits, fears and limitations upon the fire of transformation.


Whether one has been enlightened to this awareness or not matters little. Though, the more energy poured into cultivating new practices that enrich and uplift ones being, the more that will effortlessly be drawn to help. When stepping forward into the unknown and propelling oneself into doing something that might seem incomprehensible, life will surge forward matching your action. It may not unfold or show up in the way expected, but often it will be far greater.

Bali is the ground upon which such dynamic and pivotal transformations occur. It has long been the land of magic, mystery and synchronicity and to each individual who wants to bring forth the very best part of themselves, it supports those who want to alchemise their being. It ceaselessly reminds individuals, in it’s own unique way. that all one is searching for, already lies waiting, within.

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