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This course will be taught with a mix of pre-recorded and live content.

There are therefor two ways of taking part;

1) You can choose to join Rachel and Lucy live online from the 14th August and join the live lectures and Q&As as well as working through the pre-recorded content over the duration of the 2 weeks. This will require a commitment of 2-5 hours a day. The live calls will be at fixed times but you’ll be able to work through the pre-recorded content in your own time. There will be a schedule for the two weeks so you’ll know what pre-recorded classes, lectures and practice teaching to do each day.

2) If you’d like to take your time to work through the course then you have up to 3 month to complete all the content (if you’d like the certificate at the end). You can watch all the recordings of the live calls back in your own time so you won’t miss out on any of the content. You will still have a specific order to work through the content so that the course is congruent and progressive.

Or you can do a mix of the two - you can join in with some of the live material over the first 2 weeks and watch the recordings back if you’ve missed a couple of live calls or lectures.

This course can really work around your schedule!



To get an idea of the course check out the experiences from our students who took our in-person training in December 2019.


This training is for those who want to dive deeper into the subtle practice of Yin Yoga.


Maybe you’ve experienced the benefits of Yin Yoga and you’d like to learn how to teach others, or perhaps you have an inclination that you need more “yin” in your life, but you’re not sure how or would like to learn more. Or both?!

During the training you’ll be guided through reflective Yin Yoga, meditation and gentle breath work practices to help you truly experience what it feels like to embody “yin”. Whether you’re looking to teach others after the training or not, this training encourages you to experience the effects of the practices first to empower you to speak from your own personal experience.


You’ll also gain the tools that will help you feel lighter and more energised, having opened the gateway to your inner landscape.

Yin Yoga targets the deep connective tissue - fascia - and the meridians that run through it (based on 5 element and meridian theory from Traditional Chinese Medicine). The work can be subtle, but the effects , in our experience, are profound - not only for your body but more so for your mind and overall health.

We invite you to take this journey with us. With a common goal and love of sharing these practices, we have created this training to serve you from the inside out.

We look forward to seeing you there.

“This is not only some Yin Yoga Teacher Training. It’s a deep dive into the body, but also into the mind. You are learning how to teach, but also going “inside” a lot as well. Into the true self, without the shame, with real honesty. Both Lucy and Rachel are amazing teachers, but also inspiring leaders and role models.

I am so grateful for this experience and feel ready to teach and spread the miracles of YIN!”

- Olga, Yin Yoga (In Person) TTC December 2019



Rachel Fearnley


Rachel Fearnley, as you know, is the Founder of The Pineapple House Bali and is now co-owner with Lucy.


She has been teaching yoga around the globe for 7 years & sharing the message of Yin Yoga for over 5 years & now brings her wisdom of meditation, mindfulness, 5 element theory and breath work to a 6 day, 50 hour Yoga Teacher Training in Canggu, Bali.

Rachel is trained in both classical Indian Yoga and Chinese Taoist Yoga & specialises in Yin Yoga, Breath work & Ayurveda.

Having completed several trainings in Vinyasa and Ashtanga, Rachel recognised the need within herself to move towards a more nourishing and nurturing approach to her own practice and therefor her teachings.

Rachel believes that we all possess the ability to heal ourselves from the inside out, that by cultivating deep presence we open up our channels of awareness and can create radical shifts on our own lives.

She is a deeply passionate and authentic teacher who practices what she teaches and supports her students to do the same, believing that when we are in alignment with the truth of who we are, our life begins to flourish beyond anything we ever thought possible.

Lucy Foster-Perkins

Lucy is the co-owner of The Pineapple House Bali with Rachel.

My journey to Yin (Yin as a yoga practice and Yin as a concept) started after I experienced adrenal fatigue in 2014. My journey from studying and practicing the more subtle practices of mindfulness, meditation, facial release and meridian-based Yin Yoga lead me back to health and offered a more intimate relationship with my body and energy.

With the increase of exhaustion in modern culture I enjoy passing on the teachings I have received on Traditional Chinese Medicine Element Theory, the subtle practices of Yin Yoga and healing methods of Ayurveda to empower others to find their own journey towards balance.

I also teaches Vinyasa Flow, Hatha and Ayurvedic practices. As an ex-professional dancer I has a solid understanding of the body, how it moves and the subtle art of listening to the messages it offers us.

Sean Goldberg (Anatomy & Physiology)

Sean is the co-founder of Samasti Yoga, a yoga teacher training company based in Bali. He teaches the various systems of the physical body in order for you to not only become a safe yoga teacher, but to also inspire curiosity to know more about your own body.

Sean teaching style is based on a deep understanding of yoga anatomy, yoga physiology and traditional Hatha Yoga. Sean has taught on over 50 yoga teacher trainings for various schools all over the world and is a registered physiotherapist from Australia His teachings integrate both Eastern traditions and Western science in order to find a balanced view of the physical and subtle bodies. He is passionate about internal change and growth through the dissolving of physical, emotional and mental patterns to move towards freedom in this life.




  • Yin Practice – An introduction to the history and lineage of Yin yoga. The foundational principals of a simple practice for every body using the four stages of a yin pose.

  • Inner Landscapes – 5 element and meridian theory as taught in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

  • Meridians - An elementary overview of the 5 element meridian system and how they relate to each of the yin poses.

  • Anatomy and fascial trains – Focusing on both the physical & subtle energy bodies and how Yin Yoga uniquely targets these areas.

  • Breath Work – Understanding how the breath is used to shift stagnant energy in our Yin poses & to enhance our meditation practice.

  • Mind – We’ll dive deeper into meditation and mindfulness practices and learn how they are integral to our Yin Yoga practice.

  • Yin Teaching – The subtle art of creating & holding a safe space for Yin classes. The language of yin & teaching. Creating class structure.

  • Embodying Yin – Taking the wisdom of Yin & TCM into our everyday lives, physically, energetically and mentally.




The course will be divided into live group calls, lectures and Q&As, and pre-recorded classes, practices, lectures and asana clinics, as well as your own teaching practice.

The live calls will be given once or twice a day for 2 weeks from the start of the course. Each live call or lecture will be recorded so you can watch the recording in your own time if you miss it. However, the live calls will give you an opportunity to ask questions as they come up during the lectures and gain wisdom from the Q&A calls with Rachel and Lucy.

We’ve created pre-recorded Yin (and also Yang) classes for you to follow at home. Each one will relate to the Element that you’ll learn about that day so you’ll begin to really embody Yin Yoga, mindfulness and meditation and relate to the 5 Element theory. These classes will also help you to relate to the lectures - both live and/or pre-recorded.

We’ve created clear video demonstrations of each pose where we break each pose down and show you how to teach them to a variety of bodies and facilities. Each day you’re required to practice teaching the poses to a willing friend (in person or online) so you’ll have plenty of practice teaching throughout the course.


                                        COURSE MATERIAL

  • Yin Yoga Classes

  • Yang-style Meridian Focussed Classes

  • Live 5 Element Lectures

  • Meditation

  • Live and Pre-recorded Breathwork

  • Embodying Yin

  • Principles of Yin Yoga

  • Live Anatomy and Physiology lecture

  • Asana Clincs

  • Practice Teach

  • The Art of Teaching Yin

  • Live Q&A

Required Reading

YinSight - Bernie Clark


Recommended Reading

Rushing Woman's Syndrome - Dr Libby Weaver

Radical Acceptance - Tara Brach

The Book of Awakening - Mark Nepo

Braving the Wilderness - Brene Brown


Please note that you are required to provide your own copy of any required or recommended reading.


Julia Deipenbruck has taken an in-person training and online training with Rachel and Lucy. Our Online Yin Yoga TTC follows a similar format as our online 25 Hr Breath Coach Training to give you the same in depth and personal experience.

Check out Julia’s experience below…

“I loved the course (Online Breath Coach Training) with Rachel and Lucy. It was already my second training with them and I can say that their teaching is great both face-to-face as well as online. They are knowledgeable, fun, calm and very supportive teachers.

The structure of the course is great, the teaching assignments help a lot to deepen your teaching practice.”


- Julia Diepenbruck, Online Breath Coach Training 2020 and Yin Yoga (In Person) TTC 2020



At the end of the course you’ll be asked to complete a multiple choice quiz and submit a short video of you explaining a specific aspect of Yin Yoga and a second video of you teaching 1 pose.

Rachel and Lucy, and their team, will assess each person individually and send you a digital version of your certificate.

We are setting you up for success! You will have a lot of teaching experience during the course and plenty of time to embody and understand the principles of Yin Yoga, meditation and mindfulness, and the meridian 5 Element system from Traditional Chinese Medicine. We want you to leave the course feeling confident and inspired, ready to spread Yin Yoga around the world!


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