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Online Breath

Coach Training

Join Rachel and Lucy for their

Online 25 Hour Breath Coach Training

Certified by Yoga Alliance

This Online Breath Coach Training gives you the opportunity to study and experience at home or wherever you have internet access.  You can access the course anywhere in the world, but also create an integrated breath practice into your routine at home.    

The most authentic way of teaching is to teach from your own experience. Rachel and Lucy with guide you through each technique as well as offering the tools to teach breathing techniques.  As you develop your own breath work practice you’ll feel a deeper connection to more subtle levels of your experience, a clearer awareness, more energy and the tools to guide you towards greater health.


Valid until 1st May

$178 USD

** All above prices are excluding payment/transfer surcharge fees**

Got More Questions?

Got more questions? Check out our frequently asked questions by clicking on this link.

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