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Burn Out Retreat

3rd-9th November 2019

Who is this retreat for?

The Pineapple House, Bali’s Burn Out Retreat is not “just” a week of rest and recuperation.  This is an opportunity to really come to understand why you are so exhausted and for you to learn how to heal and take back your health.


Lucy and Rachel - your hosts and co-owners of The Pineapple House - have both experience their own version of burn out in the past. Their journeys back to balance has given them in-depth insight and understanding about why we reached such exhaustion and how to not only heal from it, but how to not burn out again.   They love nothing more than helping people to start thriving again, not just surviving.


During this Burn Out retreat you will be guided through fundamental practices to help the body and mind come back to balance.   This will include daily meditation, daily yoga, yoga Nidra, breath work, workshops, energetic healing, nourishing and grounding food, and one-on-one consultations.

The retreat will take place in the Pineapple House’s two boutique villas in Canggu, Bali. With a maximum of 9 guests, the retreat will be intimate and personal, with participants, like you, who want to heal and learn, as well as rest and restore.  


Unlike The Pineapple House’s this Pop-Up retreat will start and end on the same day.  This year’s Burn Out retreat will be from the 3rd - 9th November 2019.

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Who is this retreat not for?

- During our Burn Out retreat we want you to leave with tools, techniques and a deeper understanding of how to manage your energy and health.  For this reason we have included a specifically tailored offering of workshops and classes each day. If you feel you “simply” want to take some time out, do a few yoga classes, relax with a book, explore Canggu’s cafes and unwind then we suggest you check out our ongoing Yoga & Wellness and Simply Yoga retreats here which run throughout the year.  You can also start our Yoga and Wellness retreats on any day and stay for as long as you like.


- If you’d like to have complete freedom to do yoga when it suits you, eat when it suits you and spend the day on the beach then again, we suggest you check out our on-going retreat here.   The Burn Out Retreat will certainly have an element of flexibility, but we will also have a suggested timetable for the week so that we can pass on as much as we can while you’re with us. Within the timetable there will be plenty of free time for you to rest, explore or simply sleep!


- If you are only in Bali for 1 week and you want to explore a few other locations in Bali during your stay then we don’t suggest that this is the right retreat for you.   Again, check out our ongoing retreats here where you can arrange a day trip to Ubud or Uluwatu, or spend your first few days with us before moving to another part of Bali.


- If you don’t like doing activities in a group.  This retreat will be a personal journey for you, but the yoga classes, workshops and meditations will be held as a group.  We also will be welcoming everyone to join us together for mealtimes, though we will totally understand if you’d prefer to have a meal on your own here and there.  Nothing is compulsory. 


How will the retreat run?

Everyone will arrive on Sunday 13th October and settle into the villa with a welcoming ceremony lead by Lucy and Rachel, followed by a nourishing dinner.


Throughout the week there will be a suggested schedule of daily led meditation, grounding yoga classes, workshops (lead by Lucy and Rachel) and time in nature. There will be plenty of time to process, rest, chill by the pool or explore Canggu’s beaches, shops and cafes. 


The week includes 5 deliciously healthy dinners and 5 scrummy lunches served at our tranquil villa.  Canggu is famous for its delicious cafes and restaurants so it would be a shame to miss out. For this reason there will be a suggested night where we all enjoy dinner out at a restaurant and a suggested day where we sample some of Canggu’s mouth watering cafes for lunch. These two meals will not be included in the cost of the retreat but the cafes we suggest are extremely reasonably priced.  Did we mention that they are delicious? 


The Pineapple House is in Canggu, which is an hour from Bali’s only airport (transfers to and from the airport are included in the price of the retreat) and about a 10 minute walk from the beach.  Our two traditional Javanese boutique villas have a total of 5 private en suite rooms, two pools and two shared living areas. We’re within walking discount of a number of Canggu’s shops and scrummy cafes and restaurants, in case you wanted to explore a bit of the area while you’re here. 

Your hosts

Lucy Foster-Perkins;


Lucy has been teaching yoga for 6 years and throughout this time she has also added mediation, yin yoga, breath work and Ayurvedic practices to her life and her teachings.  You’ll also often find her with a surfboard under her arm while she scours the ocean for waves.  


During her first career as a professional contemporary dancer Lucy came extremely familiar with the constant “rush” of always being on the go, always building her career, working out, training, practicing, auditioning and fitting in part time jobs in between dance contracts. 


However, Lucy’s pace of life didn’t change all that much when she trained as a yoga teacher and started traveling the world to surf and teach yoga.  After 12 months (starting in London, then moving the France, followed by India, Sri Lanka and stopping off to teach a couple of classes in Dubai as well as keeping a surfboard bag brand alive) she crashed.  One day she was dancing at a friend’s wedding on crutches (that’s another story) and the next day she was being driven to hospital with what was later diagnosed as extreme exhaustion, adrenal fatigue and tropical ulcers.  Her body had made her grind to a halt.


Lucy’s journey back to health started slow, but the foundations were strong.  She was soon introduced to Yin Yoga, committed to a daily meditation practice and continued to learn how she had ended up with such debilitating exhaustion.   Her passion now is to pass on what she learnt to help others who feel The Rush is no longer serving them.  


Lucy will be guiding you through yoga class, workshops, meditations as well as offering 1 on 1 consultations during the retreat.  

Rachel Fearnley;


Rachel has been teaching for 8 years and founded The Pineapple House, Bali 4.5 years ago. She also facilitates Yin Yoga Teacher Trainings, is a breath work practitioner and coaches women on how to slow down and tune in, in order to create a life of calm and ease.

While Rachel started off studying and teaching vinyasa yoga and ashtanga yoga she soon realised the need to slow down and take a more nurturing approach to practicing, and to life in general.   She soon saw this need in her students as well, so began to pass on these nourishing practices to help them find balance again. 

As a solo mumma to a toddler, Yemaja, and a business owner in Bali, Rachel is all too familiar with the overwhelm and busyness of juggling many roles and responsibilities.  She has experience, first hand, the way in which a stressful life can wreak havoc on the body and mind. Through her own commitment to her daily practices and continuous learning Rachel strives to strike a balance while navigating the continuous demands of modern day life.  Her personal experience and observation of her clients has helped her to see the necessity to slow down and nourish ourselves on a deeper level.

Rachel will be guiding you through yoga class, breath work workshops, meditations as well as offering 1 on 1 consultations during the retreat.  

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Private room for one person;

Early Bird (until 15th September); $1,900 USD

Full price $2,100 USD


Two people sharing a Private (as double or twin)

Early Bird (until 15th September) $1,550 each

Full Price $1750


Dates Sunday 3rd November - Saturday 9th November 2019

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