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In-House Spa treatments

We are lucky to have Era, our Retreat manager and Spa Guru with us at The Pineapple House, Bali. Era has worked both in Bali and overseas since she was 18 as a spa therapist, including working as the Queen of Bahrain's private therapist for a number of years, when it comes to spa and treatments, if Era doesn't know it, it's not worth knowing! 

Era and her team of very talented therapists , which she has personally trained, offer the following treatments exclusively to our guests at The Pineapple House, Bali. All of our packages come with a 60 minute Harmony massage, additional treatments can be booked prior to arrival or on arrival. If you are guest staying at The Pineapple House, Bali, treatments can be offered on site, if you are staying elsewhere we can arrange for a therapist to come to your villa.


The Body Massages



60 minutes - $25 USD

90 minutes - $35 USD

Incorporates traditional Balinese massage with other Asian therapies (Shiatsu, Thai, Acupressure) and European technique (Swedish, Deep Tissue) and Lomi-Lomi to create a harmonious massage on the meridians to improve the blood circulation and restore vitality throughout body and mind.



60 minutes - $25 USD

90 minutes - $35 USD

Bring harmony to one’s mind and emotions using soothing aromatherapy and Balinese strokes and deep tissue massage technique. In Chinese medicine, the physical body is inseparable from the mind and emotions. Disharmony of either leads to sickness and disease. Five different blends of essential oils are applied throughout the massage to assist in calming the mind and emotions and restoring harmony.



Hot Stone Massage

90 minutes - $45 USD

An incredibly balancing and rejuvenating massage, the placement of stones on your key energy points will help to promote relaxation in the body and to open up meridians while the aromatherapy oil relaxes your mind. Hot stone therapy melts away tension, calms the psyche, and releases toxins from the body and increases circulation and metabolism. Our professional massage therapists also incorporates a customised massage with the use of hot stones. The direct heat of the stones relaxes muscles, allowing the therapist access to the deeper muscle layers. The hot stones expand blood vessels, which encourages blood flow throughout the body.


The Foot Massage

60 minutes - $25 USD

This foot treatments start with a dip in a warm fresh green tea, mint leaves, slice of lemon and crystal sea salt foot soak. A Foot reflexology massage folows. This health enhancing therapy focuses on the feet and legs to affect the whole body. Reflexology works on precise points on the feet that are believed to ‘reflex’ to other parts of the body. Stimulating these points can increase overall circulation and restore the natural healthy balance to specific parts of the body.


The Four Hand Massage

60 minutes - $40 USD

Performed by two therapists in synchronisation, it has the same effect as two body massages. It combines slow and relaxing motions with harder, deeper movements to target each of your problem areas whilst keeping you completely relaxed. The intensity of synchronised movements enhances your blood circulation which helps to break down toxic build up. It also engages both brain hemispheres by stimulating the logical and emotional sides of your brain.



Hair and Scalp Treatment

60 minutes - $25 USD

Treatment designed to nourish and strengthen the hair is a deeply relaxing treatment. Delivered using a combination of traditional Indonesian scalp massage techniques and Chinese acupressure, the treatments also features beautiful botanical and herbal based hair products, especially formulated to provide sustenance and protection to the hair. The neck, shoulder and hands will be massaged while the hair is wrapped.



60 minutes - $25 USD

A real indulgence that is truly beneficial for your face and skin. This treatment starts with an Aloe Vera extract cleanser and is followed by an exfoliating scrub. A gentle cream massage is next before applying an organic mask that acts as an excellent pollution detoxifier removing dead skin cells and creating a healthy glowing complexion. Lie back and relax while the mask sets and your arms and hands are gently massaged. After the mask is removed, a toner is applied to help fight the premature signs of aging. A light moisturiser is finally applied to finish off the treatment. All the products used in this facial are our own organic spa line in conjunction with Martha Tilaar Vital Nutrition.


The Body Scrubs


Balinese Boreh

60 minutes - $30 USD

Boreh is a detoxifying treatment which eliminates the toxins and strengthens the body’s natural defense system using potent herbs and invigorating techniques of delivery. This treatment also aids to relax the muscles, improve blood circulation and open up the pores. All which help in the release of the toxins from your system during the herbal wrap. Once detoxified, the body will feel light, limber and ready to face the world once more.

Floral foot bath –Boreh Scrub and Mask – Face acupressure point – Cucumber Moisturizer - Shower

Caffeine Treatment

60 minutes - $30 USD

Cellulite enemy #1 is caffeine, which tightens and provides antioxidants to skin when applied topically. When applied religiously, it has been shown to reduce the appearance of cellulite – especially over time. Here, we combine coffee grounds with moisturising, skin-soothing coconut oil and a bit of sea salt for an extra exfoliating kick. The massage will stimulate blood flow resulting in smoother, firmer skin.

Floral foot bath –Coffee Scrub – Cucumber Moisturizer  - Shower



Javanese Lulur

60 minutes - $30 USD

In Javanese history lulur is well known as a treatment which was exclusive for the queen to keep her healthy and beautiful. Enhanced with the combination of traditional spices and roots, this healing treatment works well in eliminating dead skin cells and procuring new cells. A refreshing yoghurt moisturiser restoring the skin’s natural Ph Balance follows this treatment

Floral foot bath –Lulur Body Scrub – Yoghurt Moisturizer - Shower


The Packages


90 minutes - $40 USD

Full Body Massage

Hair and scalp treatment

Face acupressure point


120 minutes - $50 USD

Foot bath

Full Body Massage

Foot Reflexology

Face Massage



120 minutes - $45 USD

Foot bath

Full Body Massage



120 minutes - $55 USD

Foot Bath

Back Massage


Face Acupressure Point

Hair and Scalp Treatment

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